Day 104. The entrance.

I don’t know where this entrance leads, but you can find it in Central HK.

Day 103. Bright ideas.

We went to a really nice art exhibit party, and this is part of one of the pieces. 

Day 102. The corner.

A corner of my hotel room here in HK. I almost never sit there, even when I spent 6 months in this same hotel.

Day 018. It’s Odd Lighting Wednesday.

Actually this is for GPOYW. Don’t know how I feel about the lighting and it’s not exactly clear… but oh well! As long as you can recognize me haha, I can learn. Eventually.

Edit: Btw it was either this, or this.

Day 017. Lamp.

It’s a lamp. I promise I’ll (try to) take a pic of something more interesting / colorful tomorrow. But I think this looks nice.

Day 016. The Painter’s Mind

A very old book (1969) we have at home, it originally belonged to my uncle who actually is a painter, a good one too. I kinda miss traditional art.

"As painters, we have spent enough hours of self-searching to be aware of how much of creation lies within the unfathomable wellsprings of the artist’s character and mind—forces over which he often has too little direct control."

The Painter’s Mind, Bearden & Holty

Day 015. Yellow with red spots.

Cute little wooden giraffe, given to me by one of my friends — it’s actually a pendant.

Day 014. Cars.

This was at the Mall of Asia. Of all the things to take pics of in that monster mall, I chose this.

Day 013. I missed the partial eclipse.

Because of these clouds, and because I forgot to bring any form of protection for my eyes. So at least I have this, even if it isn’t much better from last one.

P.S. - I’ve decided to do away with the day numbers on the picture. Yes, I said “do away”.