Day 108. Hotpot.

Raw meat served at a nice all-you-can-eat hotpot place in TST, Hong Kong. Went there with a bunch of officemates and former officemates, all friends.

Day 107. 360.

Not my Xbox! I just took a picture of the controller.

Day 106. Slow food.

I was suffering from food poisoning, but for some reason still found it in myself to order a double cheeseburger meal from McDonald’s. Unfortunately (and this is how you know I’m sick) I couldn’t finish it all.

Day 105. No smoking.

The no smoking sign on a table in my hotel room.

Day 104. The entrance.

I don’t know where this entrance leads, but you can find it in Central HK.

Day 103. Bright ideas.

We went to a really nice art exhibit party, and this is part of one of the pieces. 

Day 102. The corner.

A corner of my hotel room here in HK. I almost never sit there, even when I spent 6 months in this same hotel.

Day 101. Blue building.

Hong Kong Cyberport 1.

This is part of what you see when you step out of the office on the 4th floor. I didn’t have a tripod so this took some time and it’s not even perfect.

Day 100. Cutting through the sky.

The right wing of the PAL Airbus I rode on the way to Hong Kong. Yes I’m back in Hong Kong, hopefully I can take time for better pics here.